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Al Salam Road Projects in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

New Road Projects worth billions are under way in Abu Dhabi,
marking a significant upgrade to the Emirate's infrastructure to keep ahead
of the rapid growth in population

Al Salam and Circular Road development project consists of a four-lane underpass in both directions starting from Mina Street through Al Salam Street and all the way to the Al Salam - Al Falah Street intersection, in addition to an underpass linking Cornish Road with Al Salam Street - once completed it will increase the traffic capacity by 100 per cent.

Those new projects are focused on facilitating traffic flow on main arteries into and out of the capital, such as Al Salam Street and Airport Road. The largest single project in terms of cost will transform Al Salam Street.

The Dh3bn to Dh5bn undertaking is made up of four separate construction contracts and will take three years to complete. A tunnel will be built, comprising four lanes in each direction, to allow non-stop traffic movement along the route. The tunnel starts from Al Mina Street, goes under Al Salam Street and finishes after the junction of Al Salam Street and Al Falah Street.

The contract also includes the construction of additional local roads from Al Salam Street to neighbouring areas as well as the construction of other tunnels linking Corniche Street with Al Salam Street. The capacity boost of the major roadway is a preemptive move to help it accommodate future population growth and projects due to be constructed on Abu Dhabi Island and neighbouring islands, especially Al Reem Island.

Several other road projects in the area include the development of the western part of Corniche Street, expansion of the Al Guwaifat Street, the upgrading of the principal international highway and the reconstruction of the Al Mafraq interchange.

Such vast construction needs a lot of capable professionals
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